General practitioner Middenhoven

Your GP for Uilenstede, Kronenburg, Middenhoven and surrounding areas!

Huisarts Middenhoven is a branch of Huisarts Kronenburg and is not yet open every day, in case of absence you can fall back on Huisarts Kronenburg


View information about our branch in Kronenburg here.

The power of our practice

Young, innovative and involved. That is what we stand for at the Middenhoven general practice. We are a small-scale general practice, located on the Willem Dreesweg in Amstelveen. By listening to and thinking along with our patients, we continue to innovate as a practice. We believe it is important to be accessible and to relieve our patients as much of their worries as possible. Healthcare is physical and mental. That is why mental health is one of our focus themes, and that is why you can always come to us during consultation hours. An accessible and committed GP, that is what we stand for at Middenhoven GP practice.


This is how you find our practice

We are open daily between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, at Doctor Willem Dreesweg 2. Upon entering the hall you can take the elevator to the third floor. From the elevator you immediately enter the waiting room. You can go to the desk here with questions or be picked up if you have an appointment.

The counter and waiting area

And the consultation rooms

Good, innovative, continuous and personal GP care

These are the core values of the Goed Gezond Group. This is also how we treat our GP practices: care from a personal, human approach. A GP who knows you and who you can always go to. Meet the Goed Gezond Group.

Your healthcare providers

Local and personal GP care is central to us. A GP who knows you and who you can always go to. We would like to introduce our employees to you!

Opening hours

Monday 08:00–17:00
Tuesday 08:00–17:00
Wednesday 08:00–17:00
Thursday 08:00–17:00
Friday 08:00–17:00

Availability by phone

We can be reached by telephone at:

tel. 020 2629897

We can only be reached by telephone for emergencies between 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM. Are you calling for an emergency? Then call tel. 020 2629894.

Are you calling for an emergency outside our working hours? You can contact the Amstelland GP post: tel. 020 456 2000.

Repeat prescriptions

You can request your repeat prescriptions via the patient portal. When you log in to the patient environment, you can choose your medication from your medication list. In the patient portal you can also receive reminders when you need your medication again. Can't figure it out? Then you can call our practice. We are happy to help you!


General Practitioner Kronenburg and General Practitioner Middenhoven work together with physical physiotherapist. In case of muscle or joint complaints, it is useful to gain immediate insight through short lines of communication and to make a treatment plan. The physiophysics staff are present in our building.

you will also find them here;

General practitioner Kronenburg

Uilenstede 512-A 1183 DE Amstelveen
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General practitioner Middenhoven

Doctor Willem Dreesweg 2 1185 VB Amstelveen
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