Foreign Students and Expats

We are happy to welcome foreign students!

You can make an appointment online or by calling us.

It is vital to understand the role of the family doctor in the Netherlands because here everybody and every illness had to pass through the family doctor first. Your family doctor will examine and treat most common deseases and, if necessary refer to the hospital.

At night and during the weekends the same can be said for the family doctors post.

If you were to go to the hospital without referall from your family doktor chances are that you can’t receive proper treatment or that this treatment will be at your own expense.

So please visit our practice !

Be advised to bring your ID and means of payment, we accept all major cards.

Regular consultation fees are EUR 29.31/ 58.62 with additional costs if necessary. This is all depending on how much time the appointments takes and what kind of medical procedures are taken.

(Hospital and emergency consultation starts at EUR 110,- and can be as much as EUR 500,- )

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